So how does our contest work? Here are the basic details of the contest!

Once you’ve entered the contest–which you can do by emailing–and you get a timeslot, you are in the contest! From there, here is how it works.

Each night of the competition, there will be 3-4 acts playing. Usually there will be 3 acts on the acoustic Tuesdays and 4 on the band nights. In the event that an artist or a band can’t make it, then your chance to move on improves. The winning band and acoustic act from each night advances to the finals, to be held later in March (dates TBA).

How do you win?

The band/artist to advance each night will be decided by 50% judging and 50% the voting at the venue each night. Everyone who comes out and pays admission to get in will receive one vote along with their admission. The winning band and acoustic act will be notified as soon as possible after their show, but it might not be the night of the show. In total, approximately 12 finalists will emerge from both floors and compete in the finals, where one band and one acoustic act will win flights/hotels to Toronto and one band/acoustic act flights –for Canadian Music Week, as well as festival/conference passes.

It is that simple! Here are the only requirements you need to be able to enter:

a) A website of some sort for your music (Facebook, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, etc.)
b) Available for a Tuesday between Jan 6th and April 1st.
c) Available for CMW, being held May 1st-10th in Toronto.



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