Road to CMW 2015: Revised, Revamped, Recharged

Hey everyone,

It is time to start thinking about the Road to CMW 2015. We had a lot of fun and many successes last year, but after listening to a lot of feedback and suggestions we have decided to make some very significant tweaks for 2015. The biggest one? Unlike last year, the competition will be decided with 50% fan vote and 50% judging. The fan vote will be done at the door and only at the door with one vote that comes with your cover charge. The judged side will have three judges every week.

What does this mean?¬†This means that a major concern many of you expressed about this being a popularity contest has been alleviated. We want acts to win who deserve it, but who also make an honest effort to have their crowds come out and support our initiative. This system seems to balance those two objectives very well. That said, it also means we are going to raise significantly less money. That’s why this year we will be guaranteeing one band and one solo acoustic act with flights and accommodations, and a second on each side with just flights.

This year’s competition is being held at Distortion–and because Distortion doesn’t have two floors, the acoustic side will be held on Tuesday nights and the band side held on Thursdays, with the finals being towards the end of March. The debut night will be Tuesday January 6th and Road to CMW 2015 will run for 12 weeks. Applications are easy: just email or and let us know you want in and if you have a preferred date.

Applications for CMW are open and we strongly suggest you consider applying on your own. That way if you don’t win and still want to go, we can try to make that happen for you. If you do not apply, that will be far more difficult. Canadian Music Week runs from May 1st-10th and the winning artists will be guaranteed a showcase at Rancho Relaxo. There is always the possibility of additional showcases but we can make no promises about that.

You should be able to play a set of an absolute minimum of 30 minutes and a maximum of 45 minutes and you will need to have a website ready in order to win the competition. This competition is only for acts who are 19+. If you apply and are underage, you will be disqualified.

Looking forward to another great year and bringing some of you with us to CMW 2015!