Look Out, CMW–Newfoundland Is Coming To Rock You!

After 12 weeks, 66 acts, and a three-day final that saw 24 acts play between two floors, four acts emerged as the winners of the Two Way Monologues and CBTG’s Road to CMW competition. Those winning acts had their flights and hotels covered for the trip to Toronto, along with receiving a performance slot and festival pass for CMW for 2014.

The competition was split between two floors at CBTG’s, with bands competing on the main floor and acoustic/solo acts playing upstairs. In the end, Hogarth and the Sky Vines took first place and The Beer Patrice second place among the competing bands. Meanwhile, upstairs Port of Call took first place and Jay Miln second.

The entire endeavour was such a success, and the spirit of it all so contagious, that an additional five acts decided to join us all for the trip. MOOCH, DT & the Dinosaurs, Navigator Black & the Indighost, Undesirables, and Dave Whitty & the City Superette will also be showcasing at Rancho Relaxo during the week.

Two Way Monologues and CBTG’s are thrilled to be bringing such an impressive roster to Toronto for Canadian Music Week. We, along with the musicians who have supported this campaign, all hope that this is just the beginning of a great relationship of trading music back and forth between Toronto and St. John’s.


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