CBTG’s and TWM Want To Help You Get To Toronto For CMW

cmwnl2 (1)

Starting Thursday January 9th, and running every Thursday through March 20th, CBTG’s and Two Way Monologues are holding a Road to CMW Battle of the Bands competition to gain entrance to Canadian Music Week. But the winners won’t just gain entrance to the festival–they’ll also get a flight there and back, courtesy of CB’s and TWM.

Once in Toronto, you will have the opportunity to play a minimum of one showcase at Rancho Relaxo, and there may also be some secondary plays and/or unofficial CMW showcases that you can take part in.

in total, we will be taking two bands and two acoustic acts with us (minimum!), and there’s a chance we might end up bringing a couple more, depending on how this all goes. This year, CMW is being held from May 6th to May 10th. All performers receive a performer pass which also allows them full access to the conference, where you can get a lot of extra value out of your trip by attending the sessions during the day.

Last year, CMW had almost zero representation from Newfoundland. This year we aim to change that in a big way, and CMW is eager to support it as well. This is a big opportunity to get your band out to Ontario without having to foot the big expense that comes along with it.

Email roadtocmwnfld@gmail.com to join up for your a chance to play CMW!


Dan Wolovick & Ian Newton