Road to CMW is On the Go and Going Strong — Still a Few Spots Left!

Quick update! Since I last posted here we’ve signed up an amazing number of acts on both sides of the competition and tonight kicks off week 3 of Road to CMW. In total there are 12 weeks and then a 3 day final for the solo/acoustic and band side. In the end 4 acts will be flown out to Toronto to perform at Canadian Music Week. The new system where 50% is based on judging and 50% based on voting with one vote per cover charge has been working great and your votes have been making a serious difference. Keep it up!

Some of the acts we’ve signed up recently on the band side include Te$laz, Man the Animal, The Contenders, The Potholez, Cabbages and Kings and more! Some of the acoustic/solo/rap acts include Christine Kirby, Dope Piece, Radar, Mitch Ghaney and that is just a few. We have a couple of spots left on the band side and about a half dozen on the solo side. If you are interested please email and let me know.

In the meantime congratulations to our winners so far, The Stone Soldiers, Winterhearth, Frank Kastle and Port of Call. We are going to have a time in Toronto. See you at the bar.